About us

Handover: June 2020

Pápay Park

Have you heard of the cultural and business quarters of Budapest? The cultural quinter is just like those, only more accurate, since it’s right in the middle of them, at Pápay street 5.

Living here means you live within walking distance from the Millennial City Centre, the National Theatre, the Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art, and MÜPA Budapest. And, while culture is arguably important, this is also the place where the biggest business centers of the city – Vodafone Hungary, K&H Bank Centre, NAV and Morgan Stanley building – have been built. You can also find Lurdy Ház and Budapest Park in the neighborhood, should you need some leisure time.

Our exact address

1097 Budapest, Pápay István str. 5.


Culture and your own private park

The last 10 years of urban development helped district IX. to become one of the most loveable part of the city. Not only did it turn out to be the prosperous centre of culture and business, prominent green fields also regained their long lost roles, the street-green ratio finally found its healthy balance.

These mindful design processes behind the city’s renewal plans are the reason we chose to build Pápay Park right here in the middle of it all. We strongly believe in green cities, this is why we designed our building not only to hit exceptionally high quality standards, but also made it possible for it to embrace its own green area, a park for our residents to call their own.


The background work has already been started, this is where we are right now:

Construction design
Construction permit




Who’s going to build Pápay Park?

Our partner is FBIS Studio, which was born out of the collaboration of two outstanding architects. In the last 15 years the studio’s founding partners have been granted the European Nostra and Pro Architectura awards, while they have been successfully fused innovation and precision, merging immense technical and engineering skills with creative solutions every step of their way.